Key Command for Suppress Playback

I don’t think this has been requested before, but having a key command for ‘Suppress Playback’ would be very useful. Often when arranging and trying things out I want to ‘mute’ a line that I’ve maybe doubled or am experimenting with. The ability to suppress a selection quickly with a key command would be great. I wonder whether this might be possible in a future update?

Thank you

That’s a big +1

Recording a macro and assigning a shortcut to it should do the trick. I haven’t tried it, but it looks it should work.

Recording a macro does indeed work, but you can’t toggle the property with it. I really would like to be able to toggle the ‘Suppress Playback’ on and off easily with one key command. I know there are many things in the Properties Panel that could be useful if they were assigned to a key command and which are currently not, but I think the ‘Suppress Playback’ function as a form of ‘mute’ is of particular usefulness when experimenting with orchestrations etc. It’s just a time and click saver.

It’s not a toggle; it’s two separate commands.
Graft the following into the kGlobal context in your keycommands JSON and you’ll have two shortcuts, one to suppress and one to restore playback of any selected item.

						"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kEventMuted&Value=true" : [ "Ctrl+Alt+J" ]


						"UI.InvokePropertyEnableSwitch?Type=kEventMuted&Value=false" : [ "Ctrl+Alt+K" ]

Read the bold text at the top of this post, ignore the five steps then proceed to editing.

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Thank you Leo, that worked perfectly. I remember seeing your linked post last year, but it all looked quite complicated and I didn’t need such a key command as I requested in this post. In actual fact it was quite straight forward and I’m thrilled! I used TextEdit on my Mac to edit the JSON file in case anyone else is thinking of trying this. In the process I also became aware of the ‘Script’ function. This feature turns out to be a very useful and quick way to input dynamic combinations that you might use often like p<mf. More elements that make Dorico awesome to use every day.

+1, when composing the ‘Suppress Playback’ function is extremely useful and I use it all the time. A proper integrated key command (without any macro fiddling) would be great.
In addition, please also give us an option that muted notes get grayed out a bit in the score, so you always know what’s what at one glance.

Apologies for replying to this older thread, but I’ve tried editing the JSON file as noted here but am not able to get it to work. Does this no longer apply for Dorico 4? I may be doing something wrong, but it seemed pretty straight forward and I successfully validated my JSON file.

Well, never mind! I realized that my key commands were contained in the JSON file in the Dorico 3.5 folder, and so I made the adjustment to that file and then copied it into the Dorico 4 folder. I’m not sure what happened–does Dorico 4 somehow know to read the key commands from Dorico 3.5? Perhaps it was just my user error.

No, Dorico 4 doesn’t read the key commands or indeed any other data from the Dorico 3.5 folder, but when you first run Dorico 4, it does copy all of the relevant user data from the Dorico 3.5 folder into the new Dorico 4 folder, so that your existing preferences and customisations are preserved.

Great, just the tip I needed. Thanks for sharing good sir!