Key Command for Suspend All Channel Linking?


I’m trying to create a custom key command for Suspend all Channel Linking and I cannot find it in the key command list. Is there another name this might be listed under? Or does anybody know of a preassigned key command for it?


suspend all channel linking.jpg


There is a default modifier key. Hold down Alt modifier key to switch the Sus temporarily on, please.

Thanks - that works if you’re holding alt while changing the volume or something like that. I’d like to suspend all parameters of a group (including plug in changes, solo, etc.) for a long period of time.


Then you can Link the Channels.

Thanks Martin, I’m not explaining myself correctly.

I would like a quick key to be able to suspend and unsuspend group channels. That way, I can group 2 channels, but if I want to temporarily suspend ALL aspects of that group, I can temporarily suspend the channels, do my work, then un-suspend them. I basically would like a quick key command for the suspend button that’s pictured in the original post.


Doesn’t Q-Link help to you then? Alt + Shift modifier. It “links” all selected channels, and you can modify their parameters at once.

Thanks didn’t know about q-link (Nuendo newb.) I’d still love a key command for temporarily suspending channel liking (just used to a specific workflow coming from Pro Tools) but there are a couple of ways around it.

Just weird how custom key commands can be made for just about everything EXCEPT suspending channel link groups. Oh well.


These are modifiers. There are lots of modifiers in Cubase, which really speed your workflow up. You have to just take them into account. :wink:

Same request for me! An old user of Cubase that came back in 2020 buying the CUBASE 10.5 PRO. It’s great I[m very happy with it…but yeah…I came from PT …and that key command is crucial at the moment of mixing…you just want to suspend all groups for a minute…tweak…and go back! :confused: any other solution yet?


If you have linked channels and you hold down Alt modifier, the one track you are editing is Suspend linked (not linked at the given time anymore). Is this what you are searching for?