Key command for transpose up/down in INFO Line?

I’ve been searching but I cannot find a command to assign a key for transpose audio up and transpose audio down from the top INFO line.
Anyone confirm?

If you mean changing the value with the field selected, ctrl+up, ctrl+down

Thanks Steve.
I see here I can use command +up,command+down once I’ve clicked on the actual transpose field in the info line. I was hoping to be able to select the audio region and have a key command assigned to transpose up or transpose down like I do in another DAW.
I don’t think its possible in Cubase.

As far as I know you’re correct. Might be a way though…

For what it’s worth, you can navigate to the field with only the keyboard – but it would mean tabbing to the field after invoking “Edit Info Line”

Scroll the mouse wheel in the transpose box