key command for transposing or concert pitch

I do not see an option to make a key command for quickly changing between transpose or concert pitch. One must use the mouse. Is this right?

It’s looks like it. What’s listed in the Keyboard Shortcuts Menu seems like a placeholder for future functionality.

If you happen to be on a Mac OS X setup… you could always try the OS X keyboard shortcut ‘manager’ (for lack of better words). You can create a custom KB shortcut to most of the applications you have installed. Start by naming the application, and then the specific location of the menu list where the command is located. That might tide you over for a little while.

I’d imagine that Dorico will have this included as an option at some point.

Indeed, some commands are yet to implemented in a way that allows them to easily have editable key commands assigned, but we are working on getting more and more functionality to have key commands and to appear in the key commands editor

Preferences-Key Commands- ChangeLayoutTransposition-Score in C / Transposing score.
Here they work

Thanks gerrie ! Actually, I tried to find it too, but entering “concert” or “transpose” in the search field did not lead to those commands ! Strange, though, that they are named unaccordingly to what we see in the edit menu…