Key command for volume

hi there is there a key command for adjusting the volume of a selected fader in increments of + or - of whatever i choose ,i find just sliding the fader a bit too random just incase i want to revert back and typing in increments is a pain.thanks

Page 189 of the Operation Manual shows:

The fader levels are displayed below the faders, in dB for audio-related channels and as MIDI volume (0 to 127) for MIDI channels.

•To change the volume, move the fader up or down.

•To make fine volume adjustments, press [Shift] while moving the faders.

•If you press [Ctrl]/[Command] and click on a fader, it is reset to its default value.

No key command that I could find - at least not among the default key commands.

If it’s indeed possible, it might require creating a macro with a little bit of experimentation.

But you’ve got me curious now - I might just give this a try.

I’ll let you know if I do get it to work.

Meanwhile, I never knew about the fine volume adjustments [highlighted above in blue]. :wink:

There are key commands under the Edit heading (not at my DAW right now).

Something like:

Primary parameter: Increase (and one for fine)
Primary parameter: Decrease (and one for fine)

Primary parameter is Volume when a channel is selected.

Secondary parameter: Increase (and one for fine)
Secondary parameter: Decrease (and one for fine)

Secondary parameter is Panning when a channel is selected.

I think I have set up the “Fine” one for volume, but don’t remember the “intervals” (As I don’t use C7.5 that much).

Check’em out.

I’m gonna definitely check those out.

Thanks iBM.

I think they are set up by default with:

Primary parameter: Increase/Decrease = Ctrl + Shift Up/Down for volume on selected channel
Secondary parameter: Increase/Decrease = Ctrl + Shift Left/Right for panning on selected channel

I think I have changed the Ctrl + Shift Up/Down key command to - Primary parameter: Increase/Decrease Fine (changes from 1dB steps to 0.1 dB steps).

thanks jamusic yes i already knew of the hold shift for fine movements and thanks for your interest in this subject it looks like it helped getting IBM on board and supplying us an answer. cheers man

thanks IBM ,i will be checking this out when i`m on cubase later.your a star

i found “edit” in the key commands but i couldn`t find the rest you talked of ,think i may be looking in the wrong place. :confused:

right i can do the key command but i can`t work out where i can alter the command for the size of the increments ,at the moment the increments are in a weird order .it would be easier for me to alter it to 1db or .5 or .25 thanks

If you have found the right key commands, you will either have it to increase/decrease in 1dB steps (Primary parameter: Increase, and Primary parameter: Decrease).
Or you will have it to increase/decrease in 0.1dB steps (Primary parameter: Increase Fine, and Primary parameter: Decrease Fine). Fine is the key, and the difference here.

As far as I know you can’t alter the incremental/decremental size other than the above.

Sure you have found the right key commands?

thanks IBM for your reply ,the key command is just arrow up/down on my pc for the selected mixer channel, but it moves in funny increments .i would like to try moving it in steps of 1db ,but how do i alter the parameters ,thanks.

That is absolutely strange. On one of my DAW’s (just tested this morning) the;
Primary parameter: Increase = 1dB steps up
Primary parameter: Decrease = 1dB steps down

Primary parameter: Increase Fine = 0.1dB steps up
Primary parameter: Decrease Fine = 0.1 dB steps down

On two of my DAW’s, the above is working as expected. Every time.
I don’t think I have ever seen a possibility to change these values somewhere.

To me it seems like something “funny” is up with your project/template/system/setup.
Have you tried with different projects?
Have you tried it in a new project?

I have no more ideas for now, but take a look in the prefs for probable settings.

Good luck.

the arrow up / down key alters the mixer fader when selected in cubase 4and 5 but not in cubase 6.5, the up/down key selects the next channel in cubase 6.5. what is the action of turning the mixer fader volume up and down called , cause i cant find it in key commands to be able to assign a key. think im gonna give up on this it`s too much like hard work.

This are the key commands name, found under the Key Commands > Edit section:

Primary parameter: Increase
Primary parameter: Decrease

Primary parameter: Increase Fine
Primary parameter: Decrease Fine

The default action (Key Command) is Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Up/Down - This is used for volume, in either 1dB or 0.1dB intervals (I think it is set to 1db intervals by default).

Secondary parameter: Increase
Secondary parameter: Decrease

Secondary parameter: Increase Fine
Secondary parameter: Decrease Fine

The default action (Key Command) is Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Left/Right - This is used for Panning, in small or large intervals (set to large intervals by default, 10,20,30 etc).

I cant make it any clearer than that, and you can of corse assign whatever key you want for them. But…

… But try it first.

sorry ibm you are being too vague.

Well, then someone are kidding me :blush:

It’s not April 1st is it?


In a Cubase 7 forum, I took it that you used…Cubase 7/7.5

I saw your question in the Cubase 6 section, so what is it you’re using?

If you are using C6/6.5, those key commands are not present.

Very clear and worked well, I thank you for the post as I was looking for a way to control volume with the arrow keys!


The OP’s problem, I think, is that he is using Cubase 6.

He has posted the same question two other places, under the C6 header and in the Steinberg Lounge.

No wonder he’s not finding the right key commands :confused: