Key Command Frustration

I’m trying to build a macro or logical editor preset to do the following.
Stack events together as if in shuffle mode but between two tracks. So they would be alternating.

I need this

To do this

This would save me DAYS of work when doing it at scale. Thoughts anyone?

I won´t do the macro but I think it´s posible:
Locate next event
Move event start to cursor
Locate next event
next track (down arrow)
Move event start to cursor
Locate next event
previous track (up arrow)

something like that…

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I think its getting closer - that is around how I started. It just ends up scrolling to the next event though without actually moving anything like pressing N. And the results when the event is selected just takes the same event to each new event as it moves.

Still no luck - I will start praying for Greg Ondo to come save me

Revisiting this puzzle if anyone wants to weigh in!

Is there a command for ‘select next event after cursor on selected track?’

This is the one piece of the puzzle I’m missing I think

BINGO - the key was to deselect this tricky preference