Key Command import

Nuendo 6.5.4 on Mac won’t import a Key Commands file xml, only the alternate key commands file. This is happening on all our systems; when we click “import”, the XML is greyed out when using the “import” button. Even at NAB, the Yamaha guys couldn’t get their Windows system to import my Mac generated Key Commands XML. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!

I had trouble with this when trying to import my prefs over to a Windows setup at a nearby Nuendo studio. This was back on version 5x, but it sounds like the issue remains!


Import key commands is for importing from much older versions of Nuendo - I’m surprised this function is still in there.

Save your key commands as a preset, copy the XML across to the other system, and load it from the drop-down selector.

If you could find a file old enough Cubendo would be able to import it. That said, this function is supposed to be removed, or clarified in the future. (BON-8001)

Super confusing, since there actually is no option to import key command xml files, they have to be saved as presets and manually copied to the app data folder of the receiving installation.

I always just thought it was broken…in actuality, this feature just doesn’t really exist.
Sure glad I didn’t waste more time then I did trying to get this to work.

Okay, I copied the KC’s into N7 and they showed up in the directory. But they only seem to be working from the QWERTY keyboard. When I push the same macro commands from my Xkeys module, nothing happens. :open_mouth: Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get N7 to recognize the same command from the Xkeys device?