Key Command Imports

I cannot remember how to get Nuendo 8 to see my Nuendo 7 KC’s. I remembered how to get the XML file into the Nuendo 8 KC Folder. But I’ve forgotten how to actually import them into the N8 project for use.

I also need to do the same thing for my Euphonix MC Control Commands.

Can anyone talk me through this process? Thanks!

If you have installed your previous Nuendo versions correctly, then all of your Key Commands will be available in N8.
The upgrade should be flawless and preserve all of your settings & KC’s.


Here’s a screen shot of my KC Folder in N8.

These all say XML Documents. But the online manual says that I’m supposed to be looking for “.key” files.

According to the prompts, I had a flawless upgrade installation. But absolutely none of my KCs from my N7 template showed up when I launched it. What am I doing wrong?

The import process I ran was for the Eucon Commands. I copied the N7 commands into the N8 Preset>KC Folder just like I did when I upgraded from N6.5 to N7. But all I’m seeing is factory presets.

As for the N7 KC’s, I didn’t even have the KC I wrote in N7 for opening the Key Command window. So, I’m not sure what you mean about them automatically transferring over. Shouldn’t they have shown up when I opened my N7 template in N8?

As said, if you have installed previous Nuendo versions in the correct places( I.e you haven’t modify the places where preferences are stored), than each new version copies the information of the last/previous Nuendo version.
In theory, your Key commands should be there.

Anyway … the exl is to be found in " Users/computer name/application data/roaming/Steinberg/Nuendo_x_64.


I got the Eucon KC’s transferred and running. But no luck yet on the N7 KC’s.

As I said, all I did was install N8 and the 8.0.10 patch. BOTH WENT THROUGH WITHOUT A SINGLE HITCH. I didn’t move any files or put anything in any different folders.

Is the address you gave my a PC address? I keep getting an error when I load it in.

Here’s the Nuendo 7 Address for the KCs

Here’s the Nuendo 7 Address for the KCs

Yes, it’s PC.
But obviously you should replace the “computer name” with your own computer name.

You might also want to try just following the path. Go to C drive, click in “Users” folder, etc …


Of course I replaced the name with my computer. See the screenshots above. I have yet to see anything associated with a KC that had a “.key” suffix.

I TRIED typing the address in from the import window. But it won’t show me the AppData folder, nor let me manually type it into the address sequence.

Here’s the KC Folder in N7.1.3

I used the exact same address to import the commands from N7 to N8. But N8 doesn’t see the files at all because of the “.key” suffix. And even though every folder I’ve searched related to a KC says XML, N8 is looking for that “.key” tag.

You asked for copying the xml file into the Nuendo 8 KC folder
That is not the same as importing the KC into N8.

So, to maually copy the xml file, this is where to look.


And forget about the .key file type. I have no idea why that part is still in the manual and in the GUI of the KC pane as it is used ONLY for dealing with really old versions of the program that used .key format.
Somewhere before Nuendo 3 at least as that was when Instarted and even then there where no .key files tonne found.

You don’t import them the way Fredo explains above, you just put them in the correct folder and then lefts them in the drop down menu.

The new N8 profile import, export should make this a lot easier I would think.

Well, I’m GUESSING that this may be the problem right here. My install was apparently from the compressed file.

So, everything isn’t there, which may explain why I can’t access the folder through the KC Import window, nor are there any of the KC Presets that should show up in the Preset Window. The question now is, WHY didn’t any of the folders give me the extraction prompt? Furthermore, HOW do I extract the complete install package, since none of the folders are offering the extraction prompt? :astonished:

Okay, I uninstalled N8, rebooted the PC and did a fresh install, using the START INSTALLATION button. I let it run it’s full diagnostic, search for updates, and install a fresh version of N8.0.10.

Then I launched N8 and it opened quickly. But when I went to the KC folder, the preset window still wouldn’t open and the import window now goes to the KC folder but will not accept any of the factory files, let alone my files! :open_mouth:

So, now what do I try? :confused: :frowning:

Same answer:

(Manually) Copy the “Key Commands.xml” from
Users/computer name/application data/roaming/Steinberg/Nuendo_7_64.
Users/computer name/application data/roaming/Steinberg/Nuendo_8_64.


I already did that. See post number 5 screenshots. If I can’t get the presets window to even open, there’s no way to actually activate it in N8.

If I select the preset window in N7, there’s a drop down menu that shows all of the possible KC presets. When I select the preset window in N8. absolutely nothing happens. It’s just a photo. I select the import folder and it takes me to those presets. But it won’t import them into the window that won’t open in the first place.

I FINALLY GOT THE KC’s IMPORTED! :mrgreen: :laughing:

I went in through the Alt KC Folder. Then I stored it in under a new name in the KC folder to see where it went after saving inside N8. I was able to track down the folder address and finally copy the N7 KCs into that folder. So, now it works!

Here’s the address.

C:\Users\PC Name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 8_64\Presets\KeyCommands

Thanks for your help!