Key Command Left and Right Locators

Hi, forgive me if this is obvious, I am both a new user to Cubase 10 and MacBook. On my old PC I could jump the cursor to the left locator by hitting 1, the right by 2, I could go to the start of the project window using 0. I can’t seem to do this now. In Key Commands it says that Go to Left locator is ‘Num 1’, yet hitting the number 1 - or indeed trying to set the command to ‘1’ in the setting window and Oking it doesn’t seem to work.

Any help much appreciated, without this function my work is agonisingly slow!

Num keys are the small extra keys on the right side of a standard keybord. You probably do not have them since you are on a laptop.
You indeed need to edit your keycommands, there you can simply ad the 1 key for left and 2 key for right locator. You have to ad it on the right side, it will probably say the key is already connected to another keycommand, just ignore and aply.
Look in the manual:

And you need to save:

Lovely, JB, thanks so much for your help!