Key Command 'Listen' feature in control room?

Hi Guys,
Does anybody know if it’s possible to assign a key-command to the ‘listen’ feature when using the control room?
I see that there is a option to assign for ‘listen enable’ BUT i am talking about the actual ‘L’ button inside the track controls in either project view or mixer view. I know it’s only a small thing and doesn’t take much to move mouse over to button but we all have our preferences! I have tried the search function but it only takes me back to the ‘listen enable’ feature. I shall look in the other folders as maybe it is worded slightly different for the key command.
Many thanks in advance.

Cubase Pro 8.5
Mac of some kind…

Hi Guys,
Many Apologies, it was late last night when i was trying and I didn’t have energy to search through other folders. ANYWAY…i have found the feature within the ‘EDIT’ folder. It is now duly assigned. Not too sure why the search function wouldn’t alert me to it though. Also, it is not worded any different…simply ‘Listen’ lol! Thanks again and sorry for taking up your time. Not too sure how to close the thread but let me know and i shall.