Key Command or Macro for Selecting MIDI Track's Audio Output

I’m working within a large orchestral template and am trying to figure out a way to use a key command/macro/PLE preset to navigate to the audio output quickly of a selected MIDI track. I am using VEP as a Rack instrument. It’s my understanding that the Inspector has a corresponding audio fader where I can write volume automation at least but I specifically want to access the automation lanes on the audio track without navigating to it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

I’m afraid this is not possible.

But if you set the Audio Return channel in the Output tab of the MIDI Track, you will see all correct Inserts/Sends/EQs, etc. in the Project window Inspector, once you select the MIDI track.

Hi there,

Thanks for looking into it for me, that’s a shame. Do you think there’s any possibility of using a PLE preset and the ‘Find’ feature? Both my MIDI and Audio track are called ‘[a] Picc Leg BW’ for instance. Is there any way I could search for this with a key command?


Unfortunately there is no way how to put this kind of variable to the PLE. For example if I would try something like “Select all tracks with the same name of the selected track”. I can’t retrieve the selected track name.

You could make a PLE to Select all tracks with name XY, but then you need hunderts of these PLEs to select ‘[a] Picc Leg BW’, ‘[a] Marc Leg BW’, etc. So I don’t think this would help.

No problem - thank you very much for your time and help!