Key Command Question

Can anyone tell me the Key Command for LAUNCHING Nuendo?

I had to wipe my OS a couple of weeks back and I’ve been rebuilding my rigg one app at a time. I finally have all of my programs up and running and most of my X-Keys macros re-installed. But I can’t get the macro I had to launch Nuendo (from the desk top)to work.

In my Key Command list, I made a note when I discovered that the RESTART command in the transport folder will launch Nuendo from my desktop. But for some reason CTRL+ALT+R no longer works. CTRL+Q will still shut the project down and exit Nuendo. But I can’t get the reverse (starting it up) back.

Anybody here know what the launch command is and where I need to program it to reach Nuendo from the outside?


I don’t think, there is default shortcut for launching Nuendo. It has to by your own settings.

Thanks, I got it back. I can launch it from my “On” button again. I’m completely back up and running now.