[Key Command] Reset Event Snap Point to current Event Start

I find with a lot of my old projects, the event snap points are all in weird places and need to be reset. There’s no quick way to do this other than one by one, or to bounce, but I may not want to bounce these events as to recover potentially parts of the file that are trimmed by maybe needed.

I would like to be able to select multiple events, and reset their snaps to the beginning of the event start.

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Please, please, Steinberg, implement this in a future version of Cubase. For years I thought the Event Snap Point being set to some arbitrary point near the start of an event was a bug, now I find it’s an especially pointless and annoying feature (unless you specifically need it).

Say I’m mastering several songs in a session, not aligned to the grid as they are different tempos; or mixing down loops to use as samples where the loops might not align to specific points on the grid.

I render the songs in place or perform an audio mixdown to either import them all to a new track or a new session. Arranging these new tracks anywhere, whether to a grid or to snap to event boundaries is then chaos because the event start points are not set to the start of the songs (or loops). They’ve been set to where the original grid lines intersected in the session from which they were mixed down. I have do double click on each one and manually drag it to the start. This both takes ages, and risks missing one and finding the start has been lopped off later on by accident (as has happened at least a couple of times when sending mixes to clients without properly checking the start).

It can be handy having Cubase act like Acid or Ableton when you want it to, but for basic DAW operations, not having the option to switch off this type of behaviour is completely bizarre. As the OP said, what is needed is either an option to select a group of events and select a ‘set event snap points to start’ option, or to have the option to always set event snap points to start as a default behaviour in Cubase. Please change this :slight_smile: