Key command (shortcut) for fast forward and rewind

Is there a key command (shortcut) for fast forward and rewind? I know you can use Page Up and Page Down, but that doesn’t work the same as using the mouse to press the fast forward and rewind on-screen icons – pressing those Page buttons will move the curser, but you then have to press Enter (or the space bar twice) to make it play from that point. I need a one-touch keycommand that moves the curser and then plays from that point.

(There seems to be no way to assign a custom shortcut to these commands.)

(Wavelab version is 8.0.4.)

Is that a no, then?

Is this feature now in Wavelab 9? If not, any plans to introduce it in 10?

I would use Wavelab a lot more if these features existed. Because they don’t, I end up doing a lot of things in Cubase instead, just because it’s generally easier to navigate.

Shift + B / Shift + N
But make sure to select this option: