Key command summary

It produces a nice screen with the keyboard labeled and the shortcuts using color.
But I can’t get it to print in color and the print out I do get doesn’t include the keyboard image.

The colour printing is somewhat dependent on the browser you’re using and the print settings. Chrome is probably your best bet.

The keyboard image is deliberately excluded as it doesn’t show all the shortcuts in one go; it’s a dynamic viewer that responds to the various modifier keys and mode (selected in the dropdown menu at the top).

Thanks Ben. I’ll try with Chrome although I don’t use it normally.

Posted this elsewhere before I saw this thread.

Would like to see the Key Command Summary be organized by function, not alphabetically by shortcut key.

Note duration shortcuts should be displayed together in order of note length. Slur start should be together with Slur stop, etc.

Well no color with Explorer, Edge, or Firefox. And I don’t have or want Chrome.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the organisation of the key commands has room for improvement. We are (I am) actively working on this, so hopefully you see some updates in the very near future that will make it easier to browse and print out the list.