Key Command to Extend Midi?

Is there any key command (or possible slot in the key commands dialog) to extend a midi note?

For example, if I have a midi note selected (and snap is on as is ‘use quantize’) is there a key command to extend the midi by or a fixed setting (say 1/16)?


Have you looked at the possibilities of the Logical Editor? I don’t use it but, I see many people posting detailed operations done with it.

Much simpler than that :slight_smile:
Go to Key Commands>Nudge, where you can set your own KCs for “End Right”, “End Left”, “Start Right”, and “Start Left”. Works on note events inside the Editor, or on Parts in the Project window.

Thanks Vic! Great tip, I will use that. You learn something new here all the time.

That’s the sauce!

Thanks mate, I was looking in the ‘midi’ section; no wonder i couldn’t find em!

As a bonus that works on Audio / MIDI parts in the Project window.
Didn’t think much of those commands at first but I use them a lot now hehe! :sunglasses: