Key command to quantize playback rhythm but retain velocity?

Is there an easy way to quantize the playback rhythm of a recorded MIDI passage without removing velocity data?

Let’s say I select a couple bars where my recorded rhythm was a little off. I want to select that passage and just hit a key command that would make the played rhythm match the notated rhythm, but without using Reset Playback Overrides which also removes the velocity data that I just played.

I know in the Key Editor we can manually tinker with timing and duration, but that sort of process is not really amenable to setting a key command.

Select the bars of interest, then use Edit>Requantise…

That requantizes the notation but not the recorded MIDI data that plays audibly.

I use the score editor to create MIDI that I pass to a DAW for production with a different sample library.

Once you have the notation the way you want it, you can select the passage and
Play > Reset Playback Overrides.

That also resets the velocity data. I’m trying to keep the velocity data but have the MIDI play the quantized notation.

Select the notes of interest, excluding grace notes and tuplets, and in the properties panel in the lower zone, turn off the Playback start and end offsets while leaving the Velocity turned on. Then select the grace notes, if any, and do the same thing:



Excellent! Thank you!!

By experiment I believe the numerical value for Playback Start Offset is in ticks, I guess 256 ticks per quarter note. Same for end offset obviously. Could not find this info in the Dorico Pro 5.1 documentation.

Is the official Dorico Pro 5.1 documentation out yet? Usually it takes a bit of time for the documentation to catch up; but then again @Lillie_Harris is pretty extraordinary.

Dorico uses 480 ticks per quarter note.

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Apparently yes.

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Thanks for asking – for this release, the documentation is indeed available (in English).

There are a few smaller features/bits that still need to go in, but it’s basically complete.