Key command to save a preset in a Vsti

Here’s what I do to get the name start recording and;

1. click SAVE PRESET button
2. click 'CTRL C' (to copy the preset name)
3. click ESC (escape to leave that page)
4. move mouse to click SAVE VSTPRESET (different from step 1.)
5. click 'CTRL V' (to save preset name)
6. click RETURN (or OK to save and leave page)
7. click NEXT PRESET icon/arrow etc

The above can be repeated as a macro x amount of times, I have saved soooo much time this way.

For this I can just make sure my VSTs are always positioned in the same place. I keep this task mostly separate from composition and production so you can setup a project/template that has them in the same position to do you macros from.

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