Key command to show automation lane for last touched parameter!

If I want to automate a knob in a plugin by drawing in automation points (not riding a fader/knob), I either have to go through menus to add that parameter’s automation lane, OR I have to turn on Write, press play, click the knob in the plugin, stop playing, turn off write, press CTRL+Z to undo the automation points it created, and only THEN can I draw automation curves on the lane. (I have the option on that when you write automation for any parameter, the lane pops up)

This is beyond ridiculous.

Other DAWs have a “show automation lane for last touched parameter”. I can click on ANY knob in ANY plugin, press a key command, and the automation lane for that parameter pops up.

It still blows my mind that this isn’t possible in Nuendo/Cubase

If your VST3 plugins support it simply right-click or modifier click on the parameter to get a menu which allows you to show that automation lane.

Yeah I know a few support this but unfortunately it’s not all of them :confused: