Key command to summon Character Style?

I’m entering a large amount of text into frames (for psalm pointing), and I’m using a different Character Style (different font) for the extra glyphs.

I realize there’s not a native way to assign a key command, but is there a way to modify the keycommand JSON? I tried recording the macro script, but I couldn’t decipher the pertinent code to figure out what to use.

It’s going to be ton of text entry, and I really would like to keep it all in Dorico. It would be so much faster if I could use a key command to quickly switch between Character Styles, rather than having to result to the mouse.

No, I’m afraid at the moment there’s no way to set a key command for this.

Does anyone know a way I could make a macro out of this? It’s going to be thousands of clicks…

This seems like another reason to explore making your own font.

That’s exactly what I’ve done. But I have to continually change the font between text font and pointing marks…

I don’t have the option of changing the main text font for this project.

Hi Dankreider.

could you take a screenshot of what you want to do. a little video. if i understood the problem maybe i could find a pretty effective solution but i have to see the different stages of the job to be done.

all the best


Hi Dan,

It’s possible in OSX with Keyboard Maestro - apologies, I don’t know the Windows equivalent.

It’s a difficult one because the text formatting box isn’t a front window. The way around it is to load a small image of the left side of the formatting box that KM can identify wherever it may be on the screen and thereby change the menus relative to the position of the image. I’ve got it working under KM, I’m attaching the two Macros (Music Text and Glyphs) and a video. In the movie KM is moving the mouse - I just entered keystrokes. If I wanted it to be quicker I’d assign the macros to Stream Deck / Metagrid.

There must be a Windows equivalent of Keyboard Maestro - surely?

Character (380 KB)

Thanks David. I did in fact purchase a macro creator for windows, but I was never quite able to get the image recognition to work, and the project is long since completed successfully. The next time I need it, I’ll give it another go!

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Sorry Dan - should have checked the dates.

This would be an excellent candidate for a Key Command IMVHO.

Definitely. I wonder if one of the difficulties is that the text in the frame is actively being edited. AFAIK, in Dorico no key commands can be used when text is being edited (well, besides things like bold, italic…).