Key Command - "Track Preset: Next" Problem

I’m trying to find a way to quickly change patches/instruments using Cubase for my live shows.

So, I’m exploring Track Presets as a possible means to do this.

There are the key commands “Track Preset: Next” and “Track Preset: Previous” and when assigned, they work.

Great, right? Uh, no…there’s something odd about using these key commands: they insist on starting at the beginning of the WHOLE list of every sort of preset, and I mean, it’s not just track presets…it’s VST3 presets as well.

If that’s not enough oddness, no matter what preset you actually load from the Media Bay or clicking on the track preset header, it will always go to the “next” preset. For instance, if the first preset is called “1” and your second to the last preset is called “99”, and you manually browse and select 99, if you then use the key command for the “Track Preset: Next”, the preset selected will be 2, not 100.

Try this:

Create a Key Command for “Track Preset: Next”, and “Track Preset: Previous”. I used U for Next, and Y for Previous - they seem unused by default.

  1. Create an Instrument Track. Leave the instrument as “No VST Instrument” Click Add Track.

  2. Look at the top of the Inspector, it should say “No Track Preset”

  3. Click on the cube next to “No Track Preset”, select “Load Preset” OR, just click on “No Track Preset”

  4. On the Location Tree, select the top entry “VST Sound”

  5. In the Filters, select Track Preset

  6. Look for the preset “!Empty”, or use the text string filter. Load it.

  7. Once loaded, use the key command for “Track Preset: Next”. Note the preset that comes up next. The factory sets should have “100 Belltones” as the next preset.

  8. Use the “Track Preset: Previous” key command and go back to “!Empty”

  9. Click on the cube or the track preset title, select another preset somewhere else in the list. Make it close to the end of the list. Note the preset that follows the one you select. For instance, I’ll select “Anna Hop Kit”, and the preset that follows it is “Banger Kit”.

  10. Use the “Track Preset: Next” command, it will not be “Banger Kit” but “100 Belltones”.

In effect, if you choose to use these key commands, you cannot jump anywhere in the list of presets and continue using “Next” or “Previous” since those commands seem to only refer to their own positions when used, and not what the operator may select from the pool of presets as a whole.

The only workaround is to name all presets in the appropriate manner so that they sit in the list close to the top, otherwise, you need to “next” all the way to the preset you wish to use these commands with, in order for them to select what you expect them to select.

This seems to be not necessarily a bug, but a lack of logical follow-through: the “next” preset should be from wherever the user selects within the list, not the absolute beginning of the list.

Is this repeatable? Is this a problem for anyone?


Make your own banks of presets.

This is a video of Tony Ostinado’s setup for a wind controller that he uses live. It’s using Nuendo, but the same things apply.

Thanks for the replies, JMCecil. The setup the guy uses in the Youtube video is pretty intense!

But, that really wasn’t what I was hoping to get from this thread, but thank you! If anything, the video opened my eyes as to what else is possible with Cubase.

The problem is the logic of this key command. It insists at starting at the absolute beginning of the list, even if you choose a preset later in the list. The logic should be “next”, as in after the user has chosen a preset, not ITS next, which is always an absolute position - i.e., the beginning!

Like I said, it’s not so much a bug, but a logical failure - the developers, the testers - they obviously didn’t test this.

Yes, I can create my own presets, in fact, I’ll have to! None of the presets address my needs. The problem is, using this key command mean I need to do one of two things: 1. Name my presets with the appropriate leading character so these presets are at the beginning of the list or, 2. Manually use the key command all the way through the chain of presets until I hit the first preset that I need…and then I need to have ordered my presets in a way the the “next” preset is the one I want.

It just seems to me that the meaning of “next” in conjunction of this key command should mean, “the next preset after the last I chose”, not the next in the list starting at the very first preset.

Do you not agree?

It’s next in relation to which one the function chose last. Not the one YOU chose last. It’s an important distinction. Maybe that’s what’s buggin you.

I use the Generic Remote to scroll through Presets and assign the two lowest or highest keys on my controller to go up and down through them. Not at my DAW, ATM. I’ll post the GR preset file I made later tonight.