Key command without numeric keypad on laptop


I am new to Cubase 10 and I realize that all the keys assigned to num ‘xx’ seems to be not working on my laptop without numeric keypad and a french keyboard.
Am I wrong ? Is there some keyboard map file somewhere to install for different language keyboards and without keypad ?

I have been searching the documentation around key commands but found nothing on this ?

Thanks for help.

You can open Key Commands and reassign those commands to other keystrokes that you do have physically available.

Have you thought about getting an add-on numpad ?
You can get a wireless numpad for cheap, and you would be able to move it around the room to where ever it is most useful for a given situation.

Yes, may be the simplest solution if there is no default mappings for different hardware/language.

Yes I have done this but all the remaining keys which would have been logical for replacing the numpad ones, seem already assigned to something else.
For example remapping the num ‘0’ or num ‘1’ to my ‘0’ and ‘1’ upper key collides with an existing assignment which I have to remap with same problem.
And finally my Cubase will be totally non standard on this laptop.

Laptops are commonly used this days that it would make sense to have standard user profiles for that use-case.

I agree that it’s archaic for people to act like full size keyboard (or even supplementing the tenkeyless keyboards with wireless number pad) is the best or only solution.

It’s now 2020 and a lot of people want (or need) true mobility (not the same as a laptop with awkward peripherals). Of course, Logic Pro X works great this way out of the box. And PT quite well too. I don’t have S1 experience but I bet it does as well (work great on tenkeyless keyboards, that is. Someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Myself, I’ve simply had to accept Steinberg will be well behind the curve on this trend and logic, and so I just went about remapping everything myself. In order to get used to consistency and future-proof myself a bit, I’ve converted the studio to no longer use the Num Pad either.

Compact is the current and certainly the future. There are many people in audio who are an exception to this, but they are an exception, and definitely dying off.

The fact that cubase allows us to modify and change keyboard shortcuts for the fast majority of commands is great and a deal breaker for me.
recently purchased bitwig and have tried to get into using that and along with ableton in the past, both bringing great things to the table, bust just become redundant when i lose that ability to work with key…cuts.
Cubase probable arent gonna cover every situation of hardware configs and no doubt, dont want to.
spending the time to map out your own shortcuts and get use to them is key…