Key commands again

I have assigned a key command (Alt-K) to open the key command window - or rather, I thought I had done that. The KC is called Key Commands. But it doesn’t open the key command prefs in Dorico, but instead shows a list of key commands.

Is there another key command that actually opens the area where we can search for and reassign key commands?

Talking of reassigning key commands: I like Dorico a lot, but there are so many actions that need a lot of clicks, and assigning key commands is one of them.

In the main music app I use I do this:

  1. Press Alt-K to open the key command window
  2. Then I search for something, for instance “explode”. I don’t need to enter the search field; it is the focused area by default. I see both both the functions that contain the word explode, without needing to manually click on various triangles to see all the results in the subsections.
  3. I select Explode Folders
  4. I click on Learn, and press my desired key combination once
  5. Finished. I can close the key command window now.

    In Dorico:
  6. I Select Preferences from a menu with a mouse
  7. I select Key Commands inside the Preferences area
  8. I click once to activate the search field and search for a word, for instance “play”
  9. Dorico shows me several subsections which are closed with a triangle, and I click one of them
  10. I press on the subtitle called Play, but the key commands containing the word inside this subsection aren’t displayed only, a lot others are as well, so I try something else: I select the subheader “Project”
  11. Here I see only KCs containg “play”, and I select “Player.SetChordSymbolVisibility” (and no, I don’t like such titles, why not have eg “Player - Set Chord Symbol Visibility” instead?).
  12. I click where it says Press Shortcut, and I press a shortcut.
  13. Now it seems as if I also need to press Add Key Commands, because Apply is greyed out.
  14. I press Apply.
  15. Finished, I can now close the window.

Please simplify this, Steinberg!

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it would be good to streamline this process a little in future.