Key Commands Combos?

Maybe this isn’t possible to do, but is there a way to assign multiple key commands to a single key so that there are run in that order?

No, it’s not possible directly within Dorico. If you search this forum (or even just look down the first page of threads) you’ll see discussion of AHK (Auto HotKey) and Keyboard Maestro, along with other tools like Streamdeck, tablet apps like Metagrid, and so on.

Yes, I have read them, but I thought there would be a possibility to get this done directly inside Dorico. Thanks, Daniel.

If there were, I suspect there would be less discussion of other solutions!

Touché! :wink:

There may well be other ways of achieving it using the existing macro recorder and the limited scripting functionality, but that is left as an exercise to the reader.

is there any documentation or examples of what can be done with the scripter?

Not really. You can get a flavour for it with this post on, but I don’t really think scripting is workable for most users at this point. It’s simply too rudimentary.

roger that. As an example, I was thinking a cool script would go through a score beat by beat and analyze the chords and enter them. I reckon for now its basically gui control, but no access to objects on the score, which would make that not possible at this point. yea?

Yes, exactly right.

The kind of things it may be possible to do with the current state of scripting is chaining together a macro of multiple operations. However, many operations require extra parameters, or pop up dialogs, which can make it tricky. Even so, some users have achieved quite remarkable things with it, including faking up slash notation before we had the ability to do it natively.

is there any place I can find a collection of what has been done by others, or just search around the forum?

Dewd, are you on Windows or Mac? I had previously search the forum but couldn’t find a thread in which people had shared their scripts, so that’s why I started the AHK one.

I’m thinking about starting a place to share these sorts of script if anyone’s interested.

mac here