Key Commands don't work first time

I made some custom key commands using the build in key command features in mac but dorico won’t perform the key command unless I first find the command with the mouse and click it. Once I have done that the key command works great. Is there a way to fix that? the key commands I have set are “Select/Deselect bottom notes, Select/Deselect top notes, Beam together, Split beam, Select only, Deselect only”. I have mapped them to my function keys F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7. I have moved only conflicted key commands in Dorico to different function keys

Make sure in the Mac preferences that those keys are not used for anything else system-wide…

They aren’t. All of the key commands work after I manually click using the mouse to execute one. I don’t have to click each one till they all work

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I looked keyboard > Shortcuts. Is there anywhere else I can look?

I can’t think of a reason why Dorico would only trigger one of these shortcuts after you have first executed one of the commands with a mouse. Perhaps the setting on your Mac for whether the function keys operate as function keys or perform functions like changing the volume and brightness is interfering? Look for the Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys option in the Keyboard pane of System Settings (née System Preferences).

Weirdly it doesn’t work when using the mouse’s right click menu. I have to find the command in the file menu first. So in this case it’s file > notation > beaming > beam together. It resets if I leave the application. The key command also doesn’t appear next to the right click menu’s text, it does in the file menu.

My keyboard is definitely set to use function keys as function keys and not the volume and brightness controls. This doesn’t happen with other apps, I use custom commands for logic, safari and tidal, they work fine.

I’m afraid I’m at a loss to explain this. Does the problem also occur if you use other keys rather than the function keys for these shortcuts?

ya, they behaving the same way.

And this is true for all shortcuts, e.g. Shift+N to start note input, or Shift+D to show the dynamics popover, or only for these specific ones like Beam Together?

So I’ve fixed it. I didn’t realize Dorico had it’s own built in key commands, I was using the mac osx shortcuts found in system preferences > keyboard > shortcuts.
If it’s useful, It looks like if the menu item is behind a folder this problem occurs. I was able to map ‘transpose…’ and ‘transposed pitch’ to F8 and have not problems.

Aha, that’s very interesting. Thanks for closing the loop. You should find that things work more reliably if you define your shortcuts on the Key Commands page of Preferences within Dorico.

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