Key commands for double sharps and flats

After years of using a midi keyboard to input notes (in Finale, now Dorico), I’m surprised to discover that using the computer keyboard is actually faster.

However, I see that – so far – there are no key commands for double sharps and double flats.

Are there plans to include these in Dorico 4?

Any recommendations on custom key commands to use that will not conflict with existing key commands?


I have Alt-Shift-- and Alt-Shift-= set here.

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There are commands to increment accidentals: Shift Alt - and = will reduce or increase the accidental, so if you’re already in F# major, the latter will turn something that’s already sharp into a double sharp.

There’s also the enharmonic respelling keys.

Generally, I’d say that entering via a MIDI keyboard is faster than the QWERTY keyboard. Yes, there’s ambiguity in pitch with MIDI; though Dorico handles context really well. With QWERTY, then choosing the correct octave is slightly more work.

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And of course, as usual, there are commands to add a double sharp or double flat, but they have no key set by default. You can add them yourself.

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Thank-you both (Leo and benwiggy) for your help!

Re. input speed, in my studio I use stacked drawers for the midi and computer keyboards, and so going back and forth between pitch and duration input slows things down a little. :wink: