Key Commands for 'Preset Previous'/Preset Next' select wrong Vstpresets

Cubase 12 and all other versions.

When browsing/selecting VST Presets with Key Commands and the Preset Management window is NOT open - Cubase always selects the wrong Vstpresets from the wrong folder (#003)

This is happening despite that the correct ‘Location Three’ folder AND Vstpreset have been previously selected AND are listed in the Inspector view (check the first image below)

This problem happens every time a project is loaded -OR- until you open the Preset Management and then select a VST Preset from the already selected folder in Preset Management ‘Location Three’.

Steps to replicate the issue

  1. Open a VSTi
  2. In the VSTi plugin header click on ‘Save Preset’
  3. Click on ‘New Folder’ and give it an arbitrary name
  4. Save several VSTpresets in that folder
  5. Open ‘Edit - Key Commands…’ and set the following Function: ‘Preset Open/Close Browser’
  6. Open ‘Edit - Key Commands…’ and set the following functions: ‘Preset Previous’ and ‘Preset Next’
  7. Select one of the previously saved Vstpreset so that it will show up in the ‘Inspector’ area ‘Programs’ windows (image 1)
  8. Save and re-open the Cubase Project
  9. Use the assigned Key Commands for ‘Preset Previous’ OR ‘Preset Next’. But do NOT use the ‘Preset Open/Close Browser’ KeyCommand yet!
  10. Cubase will select and off-side Vstpreset from another folder within the ‘Location Three’ area.
  11. This issue will NOT happen IF you use the ‘Preset Open/Close Browser’ KeyCommand BEFORE the ‘Preset Previous’ OR ‘Preset Next’ Key Commands
  12. Annoying but, hey that’s the reality, I’m having a hard time believing that this has not been reported yet.

Btw, what is the best way to report a Cubase bug?

Open a support ticket or see How to format a bug report.

From what I understand Preset Previous/Next commands are in fact dedicated to program changes and not to vstPresets changes. But maybe I’m missing something here…

Program = .vstpreset

To be honest, I can’t precisely make out your repro sequence.

What the two commands are meant to do is to move through presets in the folder last selected in the preset browser. And I observe that the folder selection is not saved across restarts.

Sounds like this works as designed, but you don’t like it that way, so presumably this would be a feature request as opposed to a report about something being broken.

No, the folder selection IS saved across the restarts. You can easily check that upon re-opening the project, just by opening ‘Preset Mangement’ with the Key Commands or using the mouse. The correct selected folder is there and then the issue is not present.

This problem happens every time a project is loaded -OR- until you open the Preset Management and then select a VST Preset from the already selected folder in Preset Management ‘Location Three’.

If you can describe and demonstrate the exact issue it would be helpful. (I think I see what you’re saying, but won’t do any more investigating in my spare time.)

Maybe you should to open a support ticket to get this reported. The forum is mainly user-to-user assistance.

Yes, I already did that, hopefully, the Steinberg support will solve the issue.

To summarize, IF Key Commands for ‘Preset Previous’ OR ‘Preset Next’ are used BEFORE the ‘Preset Open/Close Browser’ - Cubase will open a totally off-side Program/Vstpreset. Despite that correct folder has been selected already.


I’ve done some research and testing with interesting results.

The preset management system is jumping between different folders and choosing the .vstpresets depending on their Alphabetic hierarchy!

For example, if a file with name 010 is in one folder, but you are browsing through another folder, it will jump to that folder depending on the .vstpreset name.

That ONLY happens IF using assigned Key Commands for .vstpreset (Program) Preset Browsing & Previewing AND Preset Browser Windows is NOT open.

Try this:

Select a third-party plugin, NOT the M1 that you’ve chosen (the Korg collection’s devs did a good job), because this one handles the program changes and binds them to vstPresets. Select another one, so that in the inspector you can see this:

Now, you’ll notice that the shortcuts of previous/next, change the programs in the inspector.
You’ll also notice that there is no change to the selected preset of the VST.

This is because, when in the project window, Cubase uses these shortcuts to change program.

Now, if you open this VST and create some vstPreset files, you’ll notice that inside the browser, the previous/next shortcuts will change vstPresets.

This is how Steinberg decided to implement the previous/next preset commands. It is up to the VST to handle the program changes, and unfortunately not all of them do. This is why I initially commented that a program is not a vstPreset. Furthermore, note that you can create your own vstPresets, and then again, these will not appear in the inspector’s view which will continue to show whichever preset the VST attaches to the selected program.

Have a look here, if interested, the VST3 SDK supports program changes, but many VST makers simply do not implement this:

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Yes, the Preset Browser MUST be opened for Previous/Next Key Commands to work properly. If not, Cubase will do the things you described for VSTi Programs.

Actually, user-saved Vstpresets do show up in the Inspector’s Program View if we are talking about the Program area in the Inspector. Check the below.

Thank you a lot for your clarification. I’m a bit confused now regarding the fate of this thread, is this a Bug or not actually per design decision?

Exactly, but only when the VST implements this, such as M1. Honestly, I never understood why other manufacturers didn’t implement such a useful feature.

My opinion is that it’s something in the middle :slight_smile: The only thing I would do differently is to assign separate buttons for programs and vstPresets, since this way, whenever a plugin is not responding to a program change, we could use the second pair of commands without the necessity to open the browser first.

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Does this actually explain why browsing Vstpresets with shortcuts outside the Preset Manager Browser jump-select Vstpresets between folders and selects, at first glance, random vstpresets sometimes?

Exactly. This is based on the way the VST interprets the program change.

A workaround might be to create two macros to a) open the browser, then b) choose next/previous preset and then c) close the browser again. Not sure if this could work, taking into account the time it takes for the browser to open (some ms but not 0).

I’ve already done all that, except the ‘C’ one, so there’s no Key Command for closing the Preset Browser, except using the ‘ESC’ key -OR- actually just pressing the ‘Enter’ when previewing the VSTPreset, which will automatically load the VSTPreset and then close the Preset Browser.

Great thread! Let us summarize what it is all about, as it might be of help to other users, too.

If assigning the Cubase Key Commands for 'Preset Previous’ OR ‘Preset Next’ and using them WITHOUT opening the Preset Browser first - then they are browsing & loading the VSTi Programs (…).

If assigning the Cubase Key Commands for 'Preset Previous’ OR ‘Preset Next’ and using them WITH the Preset Browser open - then they are browsing & loading the user saved .VSTPresets.

In a nutshell.


Do not confuse the Cubase function Key Commands for 'Preset Open/Close Browser’ and ‘Preset Previous’ and ‘Preset Next’ with a

‘Track Preset: Next’ / ‘Track Preset: Previous’ and ‘Track Preset: Open Browser’

The second group one DOESN’T have a dual function. It’s just the first group ( 'Preset Open/Close Browser’ and ‘Preset Previous’ and ‘Preset Next’ ) that will also work/browse for/with VSTi Factory Programs.