Key Commands for specific Right Zone areas

It would be very handy if you could assign key commands to open the right zone showing whatever specific area you’re interested in, VST Effects, VST Instruments, Loops…
In Logic and Studio One this is implemented out of the box, with each of these areas in their own separate tabs, and each assigned to their own Function key. In fact I find that’s the whole point of implementing drag-and-drop right zone items. Speed and ease of use. The way it’s implemented now makes it slower than going the traditional route.

You could do this utilizing Workspaces potentially.

Ugh… or how to turn Clunky into Clunkier… No thanks.
You can use Excel potentially to do your shopping list too.

Works fine for me for the most part.

Absolutely!. Anything that can be activated or opened with a mouse should have a key command.
Then we can not only make things visible but with a macro set them up for a particular task with one key press.
For instance:

Show Right Zone
VST Effects
Boom! your looking at all your EQ’s

Or better still, insert your favourite EQ into the selected track.
Or Insert it with a preset curve.
Or insert a chain of fx with presets onto an FX track and route all selected tracks to it while opening the mixer with focus on the selected tracks sends only.

One button press.
This would take the integration of Cubase and controller apps to the next level. :sunglasses: