Key Commands from PC to MacBook

Hi, Recently got a Macbook pro and I have trying to get key commands and Preferences from my Win 10 computer into the Mac. I copied all key commands from my PC (XML) and then tried to import on the Mac from folder copied to desktop. The XML files are grayed out and I can’t get them to be recognized I then created a key command preset to see where it was stored on mac and copied all the key command XML to that folder but they still don’t show up in my Key Command drop down list.

  1. Can some one tell me if it is possible to share these items between PC & Mac?

  2. If so can you share the method in doing so, I am sort of new to using cubase on mac so any and all easy to follow instructions are appreciated.

Import won’t work…I thought copying the files to the correct folder would work though…maybe try export a profile in profile manager on PC and import that on the Mac.

Grim thanks for the reply, not sure how to do that but will look around cubase to find it