Key commands help


Is there a way to cycle key commands?

Example: i put zoom to event on Z. I put Zoom-Undo Zoom on alt-Z…

I would like to cycle Z to do both actions .

Something like:Z= if zoomed in then zoom out. / if zoomed out then zoom in


Thanks and greets:)

What you want involves decision making, and that is the difference between a macro facility as we have in Cubase, and a scripting facility. Some macro commands are specifically pre-programmed to toggle e.g. Loop on/off, Cursor scroll on/off, etc. but unless the macro command has already been specifically programmed as a toggle, you can’t do it yourself. :cry:


You could assign adjacent keys to undo/redo this would enable you to quickly toggle your mistakes on and off.

Thx wired:)

I only toggle success;)