Key Commands Import & Export Help! (Mac)

Hi Steinberg Forum!

Please can anyone shed some light as to where to find my saved Key Command Presets?

I am on a Macbook Pro Running OSX snow leopard.

I have a very unique set of key commands (hybrid Cubase /Pro tools) that i really need to load up into a Cubase Session i work with if I am working on a foreign computer!

The idea is to save my Cubase Presets on my mediafire account or on a USB Flash drive so that wherever I work I can just import them into Cubase from my flash…

I have looked under Applications - Cubase 6 - Package Contents - Presets - Key Commands. and it is not there - there are only the ones that are stock included (logic cubase 5 pro tools etc.) not my specially named saved one.

Anyone know where i can look to find the key command preset file?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

You’ll find them in: User>Library>Preferences>Cubase 6>

One to bookmark!

For Some reason I do not have a Cubase 6 folder under Library/Preferences?
Any idea where else it could be?

as i said, I opened up the right click/ Show package contents of Cubase 6 in Applications and the only key command presets in there are the ones that are standard with Cubase.
But in the drop down menu of Key commands window in Cubase, all my saved key command presets are in the drop down list so they must load from somewher on the computer…

confused… :question:

Are you sure you’re looking in Users/Library?

Wasn´t there something about some folder now hidden that wasn´t in previous Mac OS versions…?

Aha I was looking in the wrong “library” - The one under Mac not users-Macbook.
Silly me :mrgreen:

Thanks guys for the help !!

Im my OSX (Mountain Lion) I don’t have this way: users\library\preferences\nuendo 6… is only this: users\documents… but no \library.
Can you help -me? thx.

Hey, I’ve been searching for three hours - found lotsa great tutorials but nothing on this simple matter.
Open the terminal (print terminal in spotlight) and copy:
sudo chflags nohidden ~/Library

it will warn you and ask for the password. Just did that, and all is fine for me. Now the Libraries folder is visible inside user folder. So you have
user/libraries/preferences/Cubase 7 and -Cubase 7.5 folders. All that’s left is copying all your keycommands, presets etc.