Key Commands in C6 unnessarily left out in C7

Meters reset is gone!
I used this key command all the time, but now I have to start clicking on the little red light again to reset.

How many more key commands were left out in C7 that should have been included? Obviously with the new C7 mixer some were not applicable any longer.

Anyone else feel free to start a list.

Copy and paste your Key Commands form C6 into C7, problem solved

No the problem isn’t solved. This has nothing to do with copying and pasting.

I did copy and paste my key commands. Most key commands work. Some others, mostly related to the mixer such as “mixer narrow” and “mixer wide” no longer apply.

But “meters reset” should still apply.

Steinberg REMOVED this option. If you look in C6.5 or earlier versions “meters reset” is a key command.
In C7 “meters reset” doesn’t exist as an available key command.

Aloha guys,
Just to chime in.
I also cannot get Key Commands from C6 to work in C7.

Copying them over does not work and
neither does using the ‘Import Key Commands’ function.

From reading the board, seems this may just be a Mac prob.

I’ll keep looking for an answer.

Don’t know about cross-platform, but it would seem that due to the mixer change; any previously existing key commands would have be provided for in the programming of Cubase.

Hi greggybud.

The missing “Meter: Reset” key command is a bug. It will be back in 7.0.1.

Other key commands might be removed because of the new mixer.


What about Insert Tempo?

Which command do you mean exactly? I don’t see an “Insert Tempo” command in Cubase 6.5.

Been missing since C6, is in earlier versions. It was under Transport. Insert Locators is still there.

You are right, it was removed for Cubase 6 and seem to be broken before. If you really need it, please make a thread in the Feature suggestion sub-category and expain why you need it.


Meters: Reset is a very useful Key Command. So it will be fixed in next version, that’s great! But until then, here is a kind-of-work around until the new version is released.

Hope this helps. It has helped me. How does it just disappear? Weird buggy… :confused:

Thank you for the information and that it will be fixed in 7.0.1.

Also I have to say I am shocked by the quick and direct reply from an actual Steinberg employee in this forum! This is almost like PG in the Wavelab forum.


Hey, if they remove it entirely, that means we’ll never clip! How about that! :smiley:

i miss the shortcut from the MIDI editor

menu>funtion>set note length to quantise.

its now in the inspector in the midi part :frowning:

not a big fan of clicking, clicking all the while…and cant see an ___ (underscored) letter in the menu to press a key and jump to the function part. so they are clearly pushing you towards the inspector.

if anyone has a workaround…let me know :slight_smile:


I’m not a huge fan of the movement to clicky windows. I want to keep my hands on the keyboard.

MIDI- Fixed Lengths in Key Commands

brilliant mate thanks

I did this, and mysteriously now the key command option for “meters reset” is available in C7.


That’s confirms further, it’s a bug.

Really? I’ve had no problem on OSX. C7 imported my C6 key commands just fine on first run, and I’m able to save/load key command sets like I always have…