Key Commands, Macros and Zooms

For some reason beyond me the macros I wrote for Cubase 12 now do not work in 13 - and I use the all the time. I want to capture the current zoom settings, (normal zoon and high zoom) save with a name and attach them to a key command (perhaps I don’t need a macro). My presets (2 of them) don’t appear in the key commands window. I can’t figure it out. The key commands have transferred ok, not the macros. Please help.


Does it mean, the Macro doesn’t appear in the list at all? Or it doesn’t appear in the Key Commands list?

Did you try to restart Cubase?

Thank you, Martin. Yes, tried Cubase restart and reboot of the computer. One of my “zoom captures” ended up in the reset popup at the top right of the key command window. Weird. Am I wrong in that I expect my zoom preset to be in the key commands list?


Any Macro should be reachable from the Key Commands window.

That’s right. But you have to have your preset in the key commands window to be able to do that. I don’t see it.


Could you attach two screenshots, please: Cubase 12 vs Cubase 13.

Hi Martin - Yes, I will. Give me 1 hour. However, I did call Steinberg US and he really looked hard for the answer and said 13 does not have this function of creating a preset and attaching a key to it.