Key Commands - Name discrepancy between Menu and Key Command Editor

Hello. I noticed something that I have never encountered previously.

I tried to add a key command for “Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent” (found in the Audio menu). To my surprise, searching for this command gives no results in the Key Command Editor. Instead, the closest I could find was “Make All Permanent” under the Direct Offline Processing (see screenshot).

First of all, I don’t see the reason for this. In my many years of using Cubase and after many, many custom keys added, I can’t recall a similar occasion where the command’s name was not reflected in the Editor.

Furthermore the wording here is unfortunate to say the least. It is unclear if activating this “Make All Permanent” command will “freeze” all DOPs on all events across the project, or all the processes within a single selected event.

Obviously I can test this and find out, but it’s still a completely unnecessary mismatch that I think should be addressed.

Yes, I saw this one too.
Not sure if this would be of any help, but here’s a list of all command names changed:

Section CB12 Name CB13 Name
Add Track Effect FX Channel
Add Track Group Group Channel
Add Track VCA VCA Fader
Audio Realtime Processing Flatten Real Time Processing Flatten Realtime Processing
Audio Close Gaps (Time Stretch) Close Gaps
Audio Mono to Multi-Channel… Convert Tracks: Mono to Multi-Channel
Audio Multi-Channel to Mono… Convert Tracks: Multi-Channel to Mono
Audio Open Fade Editor(s) Open Fade Editors
Audio Set Definition From Tempo… Set Definition From Tempo
Audio Events to Origin Move Events to Origin
Automation Automation Panel Open Panel
Chords Chord Pads - Open Remote Settings Chord Pads Setup…
Devices Control Room Control Room Mixer
Devices MIDI Device Manager… MIDI Device Manager
Devices MixConsole in Project Window MixConsole Lower Zone
Devices MixConsole Mixer
Devices MixConsole 2 Mixer 2
Devices MixConsole 3 Mixer 3
Devices MixConsole 4 Mixer 4
Devices MMC Master Panel MMC Master
Devices System Component Information Plug-in Information
Devices VST Plug-in Manager Plug-in Manager
Devices Max. Record Time Record Time Max
Devices Studio Setup… Setup
Devices Studio Panel Show Panel
Devices Test Track Mixer - FDH in Standard Window TestMixerFDH
Devices Video Player Video
Devices On-Screen Keyboard Virtual Keyboard
Devices Audio Connections… Audio Connections
Devices Audio Performance VST Performance
Devices VST Routing VST Routing
Direct Offline Processing Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent Make All Permanent
Edit Apply Preset… Apply Project Logical Preset…
Edit Reset Click Pattern to Default Click Pattern to Default
Edit Crop Crop Range
Edit Part/Clip Editing Mode: Toggle All & Active Parts/Clips Edit Active Part Only
Edit History… History
Edit Process Bars Dialog… Insert Bars
Edit Invert Invert Selection
Edit Key Commands… Key Commands
Edit Lock… Lock
Edit Event Ends to Cursor Move Event Ends to Cursor
Edit Events to Back Move Events to Back
Edit Event Starts to Cursor Move Event Starts to Cursor
Edit Events to Front Move Events to Front
Edit Events to Selected Track Move Events to Selected Track
Edit Mute Mute Events
Edit Preferences… Preferences
Edit Setup… Open Project Logical Editor…
Edit Rename Media Files Rename
Edit Repeat… Repeat
Edit All Select All
Edit All on Selected Tracks Select All on Tracks
Edit Events under Cursor Select Events under Cursor
Edit From Cursor to End Select from Cursor to End
Edit From Start to Cursor Select from Start to Cursor
Edit In Loop Select in Loop
Edit None Select None
Edit Split Split Range
Edit Unmute Unmute Events
File Back up Project… Back up Project
File Audio Mixdown… Export Audio Mixdown
File Tempo Track… Export Master Track
File MIDI File… Export MIDI File
File MIDI Loop… Export MIDI Loop
File MusicXML… Export MusicXML
File Notepad Data… Export Notepad Data
File Export Pool… Export Pool
File Selected Events… Export Selected Events
File Selected Tracks… Export Selected Tracks
File Video… Export Video
File Audio File… Import Audio File
File Audio from Video File… Import Audio from Video
File Audio CD… Import from Audio CD
File Tempo Track… Import Master Track
File MIDI File… Import MIDI File
File MusicXML… Import MusicXML
File Import Pool… Import Pool
File Track Archive… Import Track Archive
File Tracks from Project… Import Tracks from Project
File Video File… Import Video File
File New Library… New Library
File Open Library… Open Library
File Print… Print
File Save as Template… Save as Template
Hitpoints Calculate Hitpoints Calculate
Hub Open Hub Hub
Inspector Open/Close Fader Section Toggle Channel Section
Inspector Open/Close Cue Sends Section Toggle Cue Sends Section
Inspector Open/Close Direct Routing Section Toggle Direct Routing Section
Inspector Open/Close Equalizer Section Toggle Equalizers Section
Inspector Open/Close Expression Map Section Toggle Expression Map Section
Inspector Open/Close Inserts Section Toggle Inserts Section
Inspector Open/Close Note Expression Section Toggle Note Expression Section
Inspector Open/Close Notepad Section Toggle Notepad Section
Inspector Open/Close Quick Controls Section Toggle Quick Controls Section
Inspector Open/Close Sends Section Toggle Sends Section
Inspector Open/Close Basics Section Toggle Standard Section
Inspector Open/Close Device Panel Section Toggle Device Panel Section
Media Find Missing Files… Find Missing Files
Media Convert Files… Convert Files
Media Import Audio CD… Import from Audio CD
Media Import Medium… Import Medium
Media At Cursor Insert into Project at Cursor
Media At Left Locator Insert into Project at Left Locator
Media At Origin Insert into Project at Origin
Media MediaBay Open MediaBay
Media Reveal in Finder Show in Explorer
Media Prepare Archive… Prepare Archive
Media Set Pool Record Folder Set Record Folder
MIDI Apply Preset… Apply Logical Preset…
MIDI Delete Notes… Delete Notes
MIDI Setup… Open Logical Editor…
MIDI Merge MIDI in Loop… Merge MIDI in Loop
MIDI Calculate Tempo from MIDI Events… Merge Tempo from Tapping
MIDI CC Automation Setup… Open CC Automation Setup Dialog
MIDI Insert Velocities… Open Insert Velocities Dialog
MIDI Restrict Polyphony… Restrict Polyphony
MIDI Thin Out Data Thin Out
MIDI Transpose Setup… Transpose
MIDI Velocity… Velocity
Note Expression Note Expression MIDI Setup… Note Expression MIDI Setup
Note Expression Open Note Expression Editor Open/Close Editor
Note Expression Distribute Notes to MIDI Channels Resolve Note Expression
Project Auto Fades Settings… Auto Fades Settings
Project Project Colors Setup… Colors
Project Fold Tracks Folding: Fold Tracks
Project Toggle Selected Track Folding: Toggle Selected Track
Project Flip Fold States Folding: Toggle Tracks
Project Unfold Tracks Folding: Unfold Tracks
Project Markers Open Markers
Project Open Pool Window Open Pool
Project Tempo Track Open Tempo Track
Project Set Timecode at Cursor… Set Timecode
Project Colorize Set Track/Event Color
Project Project Setup… Setup
Project Track Controls Settings Track Controls Settings
Quantize Category Select Next Quantize Value Select Next Quantize
Quantize Category Select Previous Quantize Value Select Prev Quantize
Quantize Category Set Quantize to 1/128 Set Quantize to 128th
Quantize Category Set Quantize to 1/16 Set Quantize to 16th
Quantize Category Set Quantize to 1/1 Set Quantize to 1th
Quantize Category Set Quantize to 1/2 Set Quantize to 2th
Quantize Category Set Quantize to 1/32 Set Quantize to 32th
Quantize Category Set Quantize to 1/4 Set Quantize to 4th
Quantize Category Set Quantize to 1/64 Set Quantize to 64th
Quantize Category Set Quantize to 1/8 Set Quantize to 8th
Score Functions Auto Layout… Auto Layout
Score Functions Group/Ungroup Notes Group Notes
Score Functions Hide/Show Hide
Transport Insert from All MIDI Inputs MIDI Retrospective Record: Insert from All MIDI Inputs
Transport Enter Left Locator Position Enter Left Locator
Transport Enter Right Locator Position Enter Right Locator
Transport Set Locators to Selection Range Locators to Selection
Transport Loop Selection Range Loop Selection
Transport Metronome Setup… Metronome Setup
Transport Empty All Buffers MIDI Retrospective Record: Empty All Buffers
Transport Insert from Track Input as Cycle Recording MIDI Retrospective Record: Insert from Track Input as Cycle Recording
Transport Insert from Track Input as Linear Recording MIDI Retrospective Record: Insert from Track Input as Linear Recording
Transport Transport Panel Panel
Transport Project Synchronization Setup… Project Synchronization Setup
Transport Start/Stop StartStop
Transport Go to Left Locator Position Go to Left Locator
Transport Go to Right Locator Position Go to Right Locator
Window Zones Show/Hide Transport Zone Show/Hide Transport Zone
Windows Zoom Maximize
Windows Show Plug-in Windows Show/Hide Plug-ins
Zoom Zoom to Selection (Horiz.) Zoom to Selection Horizontally
Zoom Zoom Selected Tracks Zoom Tracks Exclusive
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Thank you, it does help!

But… why?