Key Commands not saving (usually) in Dorico 4

Key Commands don’t always save. Here’s a video showing what’s happening. Any help?

I think it is always saving the commands, but the listing in the Preferences dialog is sometimes not showing them correctly. We’ll take a look.

With reference to the video:

@Richard_Lanyon Could this situation be influenced/complicated by “R” having been an original default key command?

@waltribeiro Please, can you pronounce Dorico correctly? It is an Italian name, not a Latin-American (or whatever) name, and is pronounced correctly on all the videos put out by the Dorico team (and friends). The accent is on the first syllable, not the second. Every time I hear Do-REE-co, I am reminded of a friend who unwittingly pronounced Yosemite as YOSE-ee-MITE.

We think this is actually a quirk with the way that the commands are categorised internally - this categorisation is important in making sure that the correct commands are used in each mode etc. The details are technical and not very interesting, but there are a few commands where the category is a bit ambiguous, which means a user-defined shortcut can end up being categorised slightly differently from the built-in one. “Repeat Last” is one of the commands for which this occurs - it isn’t a general problem with all commands.