Key Commands–Observation

Dear Dorico Team,

I checked the whole command list of Dorico, because I wanted to remap some shortcuts similar to Sibelius—especially the Numpad shortcuts. I found some issues:

  1. Key Command Titles: some are CamelCased (some correctly, others “possibly” incorrectly) or inconsistent with capitalisation rules:

I believe the following to be okay, because they are the names of the commands: what it is, not what it does:
EventEdit, NoteEdit, NoteInput, SlurRouter.

I believe not to be okay:
Navigate To Start, Bring All To Front, HideAllPanels, Move Tab To New Window, ShowTabBar, ShowWriteModePanel.

Some names within a command are only capitalised in the beginning, which I believe to be okay, but it sticks out, so for the sake of a complete observation: Note input mode, Illegal accidental, Triple flat, Triple sharp, Staccato tenuto, 1/128 note, 1/16 note, 1/2 note, 1/256 note, 1/32 note, 1/4 note, 1/512 note, 1/64 note 1/8 note/ Double whole note/ Eight-times whole note, Four-times whole note (longa), Minimum note duration, Num note lengths, Whole note.

  1. Two types of “Set Note Duration” are twice in the list: “Eight-times whole note” and “Minimum note duration.” I do not see why that is the case.

  2. Four commands are part of two different commands (which I believe to be okay, but again for observation): Down, Num+Down, Left, Num+Left, Right-Num+Right, Up, Num+Up; both for moving commands in EventEdit and NoteInput.

  3. At least on my PC (I use a keyboard set to international English Qwerty), the Right Alt does not work with the commands, only the Left Alt. As a matter of fact, it acts as another macro as you will see in point 5.

  4. I noticed three commands that work, but that are empty in the (default) command list: Shift+LeftAlt+ musical note or RightAlt + musical note = musical note + one octave. Ctrl+LeftAlt+musical note = musical note - one octave.

  5. I created an overview of the findings on a PDF, but I cannot attach it here. I will try to make an image from it.

  6. I noticed a Create Grace Note and a Toggle Grace Note command. Will a Create Rest command be implemented in the future? I think the toggler for the Rest by inserting a note—any note—that becomes a rest to be very odd.

    Keep up the good work,

Kind regards,


Manolito Mystiq

A lot of times when one cannot save a file to the Forum, zipping it is the answer.

Good to know. I did not try to upload it as a Zip-file, because the Upload attachment windows says: “(.jpg, .gif and .png allowd).”

Manolito Mystiq

Right Alt is usually AltGr, which is the same as Ctrl+Alt, so you can’t use it as a separate combination for key commands.

As promised, here is the file (see attachment).

Yellow = CamelCase and inconsistent-capitalisation items.
Green = items to which only the first word is capitalised.
Orange = double items. (44.9 KB)