key commands on German keyboard


I am trying to fine-tune the key commands on my Macintosh German keyboard layout.
I can not find the commands for Numpad-0 and Numpad-,
I would like to use the Numpad-, for dotted notes; but the key command seems to be used for something else, don’t know, what…
So far - albeit having the Number Block - I use the upper numbers for note lenghts, as I can then reach the dot . for dotted notes.

Num 0 is bound to the Stop command in the Play category; Num , is bound to “set playhead to start”, which doesn’t appear in the Play menu but is in the Transport window. These are the standard shortcuts as used in Cubase for these functions.

Ah, yes I see, nice and useful shortcuts.
Will there be a problem if I do override them?

No, I wouldn’t think so.

Thank you, Daniel