key commands / shortcuts lost since update D2.1

I like the new features and a lot has been improved in this version 2.1. Good work.

But I have lost all my user defined key commands (shortcuts) and that is really bad and annoying.
You at least should have warned the user that this could happen.

One more thing about key commands. I have set to create a tuplet to key command Ö. And it works when I am in input mode. But the same key command doesn’t work when I select only a note. In write menu there is the such a key command exiting with the same name but not showing my set key command. If I choose this command with the mouse in write menu I get the tuplet function with only a note selected ( no need for input mode).
As these command do have the exact same name I have to assume that they are the same. But they seem not to be.
And when I search for this key command with the search function in Key commands preference I only get the one for note input which shows my key command correctly.
cey command set 2.png

There’s no reason I can think of why you should have lost your custom key commands. You should take a look in /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2 and see whether your keycommands_de.json (I assume you are using a German keyboard layout) is still there. Perhaps the problem is that your keyboard language setting on the Key Commands page of Preferences has got changed, so Dorico is now using the default shortcuts rather than your saved ones?

Key commands in Dorico are complex beasts, and there is a whole class of key commands that only work when step-time input is active, so I’m afraid your experience with the tuplet key command reflects that.