Key Commands Stop Working Constantly When Windows Lose Focus

Cubase has become almost unbearable for me to use. I am constantly forced to click in various windows (or Zones) to get simple key commands like “Spacebar/Play” to work.

This is a workflow killer.

I, like many people, use key commands constantly. For transport, shuttling through the timeline, markers, Solo/Mute, etc. And in Cubase now, those key commands constantly stop working, not because of a bug or any kind of technical problem, but because those key commands are dependent upon certain “zones” being in focus.

This has always been an issue, at least in Windows. But the last few updates to Cubase have greatly exacerbated the problem and even within, say, the Project Window, certain tasks that you do in the Project Window will cause the Project Window to lose focus.

For example, loading a track preset in the Project Window will, incredibly, cause the Project Window to lose focus!

Enabling a track will do the same.

And it’s not just key commands. The mousewheel also stops working too. What promted me to finally log on here and post this is I was working in the midi editor on a track. I selected a couple of midi notes to move a bit and suddenly, I can’t use the mousewheel to zoom. I actually had to click in the same window I was working in to get the the mousewheel to work.

Deal breaker.

Does Cubase 9 address this problem? Is there a trick to fix it?

Does Studio One have this issue?

Cubase 8.5.20

That is not happening here.

Are you sure there’s not something else going on? I just tried loading a track preset in the Project Window and it did not cause the Project Window to lose focus, scroll wheel still works, etc. Have you been suffering in silence since 8.5 came out?

Did you do any troubleshooting as to the cause?