Key Commands to open/navigate to submenus (I.E. shortcut to open Key Command List)


I realize that what I’m about to ask for is normally handled with specialty software such as QuicKeys, but I’m going to ask anyway:

Is there any way for me to set a key command to open (navigate to) a pop-up panel, such as the preferences, or layout options, etc…?

I find myself regularly navigating to the key commands section of the preferences panel to customize my work flow, and also to remind myself of key commands (either default, or the ones that I’ve set). It would be GREAT if, with one key-stroke, I could get to this window.

I suspect this is not possible based on how the development team chose to set up the preferences window structure, but I wanted to ask anyway.

Thank you!


The Jump Bar is extremely helpful for this. It’s not one keystroke but typing J and then Key C Enter should get you to the right page within Prederences. You can also set jump bar aliases (within that Preferences page) reducing the keystrokes further.

Layout Options and Preferences already have key commands (Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-L and Cmd-, and whatever the usual Preferences shortcut is on Windows). They’re customisable in the same dialog we’ve already both mentioned.

Edit: actually J Key C takes you to the useful web page that tells you your existing shortcuts. @dspreadbury should it be possible to get to pages within the Preferences panel, as it is with e.g. Layout Options?

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Thanks. I’ll have to check this out, and if Daniel has time, we’ll see what the answer to your follow-up might be.

No, at the moment it’s not possible to get to the pages of the Preferences dialog directly via the jump bar. Only the holy trinity (Layout Options, Notation Options, Engraving Options) and the lesser saints (Playback Options, Note Input Options) are currently handled in that way.

Understood. Thank you clarifying, Father Daniel.