Key Commands: where are my presets stored? (need to copy to my other DAW)

I have two Mac DAWs running C12 and want to replicate the Key Commands I’ve so carefully customized between my main DAW and this new one, but I cannot find where the presets I’ve defined are stored. I woulda thought ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 12/Key Commands.xml, but noooooo.

Thanks in advance!

That should be right. What do you see at that path?

There’s a feature devoted to this, if your interested:

Thanks, and sorry I wasn’t clear. Yes, "~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 12/Key Commands.xml” does have the current key mappings, but where are the Presets defined and stored? Near as I can tell, Cubase doesn’t really use the Preset except to load it in - if you save a preset and then reopen the Key Commands editor, it just has “-“ for the preset name.

I guess I can live with just keeping Key Commands.xml in sync between the two DAWs, but I’m still curious where the Presets are stored.

I’ll also reiterate what has been said many times over the years by many people: it would be extremely useful to also be able to see and assign keys to commands, not just commands to keys, as is now. It’s difficult to get a clear picture of all the defined keys, as you can’t see them in one place.

The presets are stored in the Presets folder in the self-same folder you have been looking at.

Please read this:

For an overview of all your defined key commands you could try this

cool! thanks, i will check this out!


Thanks, Steve, that’s an awesome resource!

FWIW, Mac users wishing to use the same configurations on different machines can use the Unix/Linux feature of symbolic links, where you put the actual file in Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, whatever, and create a symbolic link to it from each computer.

For example, here’s using the symlink technique for “Key Commands.xml” via Dropbox:

  1. In on the machine with the config to be shared:

$ cd “~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 12”
$ mv “Key Commands.xml” ~/Dropbox/Cubase
$ ln -s “~/Dropbox/Cubase/Key Commands.xml” .

  1. In on the machines to use this config:

$ cd “~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 12”
$ rm “Key Commands.xml”
$ ln -s “~/Dropbox/Cubase/Key Commands.xml” .

et viola! (sorry - bad French/viola joke :wink: What I meant was, “and voila!”

While you could create a symlink for the whole directory, I tend to symlink individual files, as not every machine should share the exact config for everything. I also use symlinks extensively to put space-intensive files and folders on another drive, especially if the program that uses them doesn’t let you specify which directory to put things in.