Key Commands

When Media Bay Loops Open ,Key Commands Will Not Work,After Restart It Will Work In Cubase Pro Latest Updates April 2019

Hi and welcome,

What kind of Key Commands do you mean, please? And what exactly do you mean by “When Media Bay Loops Open”, please? Do you mean when you open MediaBay window?

When I Import a Loop From Media Bay ,All Default Key Command Will Not Work,After I restart the Project it will work agin.

Try this:

  • Open Loop Browser Window.
  • Point your mouse just beneath the Window Title Bar where it says: “Loop Browser”
  • Rightmouse click and choose “Always on Top”

Now check again your keycommands ; do they work now ??

No ,When I open Loops and Sample ,Keycommands Show “The Onscreen Keyboard Filtered this keycommand”

You have invoked the On-Screen Keyboard, so turn it off. :wink: