Key Commands

Small complaint

Im not sure if its just me but this is happening almost on a monthly basis since ive had cubase 6

Basically leave the studio, come back next morning and Cubase decides to scan all my plugins (nothing new installed)

Then once into Cubase all my complex macros are gone, Key commands are gone etc.

How to i back these up specifically for key commands and macros?


Anyone? I have been doing searches no joy?

Is it possible to back them up or do i just scrap cubase all together and move to pro tools.

Are you running Cubase as administrator, in preferences for the program?

If not windows can do odd stuff like this, without telling you anything is restricted?

It does the re scan plug ins thing to us all when the clocks go forward or back and we all moan about it :laughing:

Include a detailed profile signature so we can see what you are using :smiley:

Some cleaning of registers? Some Windows updates?