Key Commands

Do you know where to find command Mono/Stereo to assign key to it in Key Commands?
I found it in Control Room mixer/ Mix Convert Stereo/Mono. But I can’t find it in Key Commands area.

Process Plugin folder? Don’t get exactly what you mean, if not.

I a not in front of cubase at the moment, but I believe you will find the key command listed by the name of the mix convert preset you saved in the control room.

Actually it’s the Downmix Preset commands in the KC window you need. Those call up the Mix Convert presets.

Thank you for you respond. I spend good few hours looking for it. Actually I found it pretty quick by “search” but what you call MixConvert V6 is a plugin. I tried to assign several keys to it but nothing works. As far as i remember in previous Cubase version there was an easy way to switch between stereo and mono. I don’t understand what happened…
Do you have any other suggestion?

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If you configure a key command for “Select Next Downmix Preset” it will switch between stereo and mono. You don’t have to do anything else. (At least here, on my system I didn’t)

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Thank you for you effort but in my case it is not working. I assigned several different keys to KC/Control Room/Select Next Downmix Preset - and nothing happened. I can open Control Room mixer and by using my mouse change MixConvert from stereo to mono but that is all that I can do. Well, I will keep trying.
Since I’m asking for KC configuration, is there a possibility to assign key to “reset EQ”? When working on the track EQ I would like to reset it with one click instead of going to presets etc.

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I was just looking for a reset EQ KC, and didn’t find one. I thought there was some key-combo+click that would do it in the mixer, but no go there. Alt-click does work on the project window inspector EQ bypass though.


Just to confirm - there is no short-cut available for the stereo/mono button in the controlroom mixer :cry:.
Probably in CB7.5? :question:


Well, here I can use the Key Command Select Next Downmix Preset and it works a treat. to do that.

I just tried this with a clean prefs folder to make sure I hadn’t configured something and forgot. The command works both in 7.0.6 ad 7.5. Maybe it’s not available on PC?

I found it: in the Key Commands. Edit>Reset to Default, it works on any rack that has a default setting vst preset, as well as other elements that can be set to a default setting.

Great news! Thanks.
I have one more question. Is there a way to setup level of sends? They are in “0” as default. I would like to start them all the way to the left “-inf”.