Key Edit: Acoustic Feedback for arrow keys?

Hi all,

I keep Acoustic Feedback on all the time in the Key Edit but it seems I only hear it working if a) I click and drag the notes, OR b) I click and hold for approx. 500ms. That’s all well and good, but I generally use the up/down buttons to change pitch and I’d like to hear what pitches I’m changing to when doing so. That’s definitely not the case now.

I checked the manual and didn’t see anything applicable.

Does anyone know if this is an easy fix? I’m pretty sure it was present in previous versions of Cubase.


Strange! It should work when acoustic feedback is on. Does this happen both in the lower zone as well as the key editor in separate window?

Yup, Lower Zone and a separate window both produce the same problem: click and drag and click and hold both work, but NOT arrow keys.

That applies to both up/down and selecting notes with arrow keys. No sound either way.

Just made an interesting discovery: I only have the problem when Constrain Delay Comp is OFF. When it’s on it’s business as usual. Weeeeird.

Hi, did you solve this problem? I have the same problem.