Key Editing of 2 tracks simultaneously

Hello, I have a score with 2 tracks:

1: Garritan CFX piano played from Kawai VPC1, assigned to MIDI channel 1 of the track 1;
2: Yamaha S90ES played in MULTI mode, assigned to MIDI channels 1-16 of the track 2.

Using Key Editor, I can see and edit the events of both tracks in a single MIDI piano roll, with assignment of channels 1-16 to different colors, which is very intuitive. Channel 1 of both tracks is set to a single color, which is not a problem (visually).

However, given a selected event or a group of events, I can only reassign its channel within a single track, NOT BETWEEN THE TRACKS. For example, I cannot reassign some S90ES violin note (assigned to channel 3 of Track 2) to a piano note (assigned to channel 1 of track 1).

Is it only a limitation of Cubase LE? If so, which Cubase version allows changing the track assignment of selected notes?

Maybe I am missing some available method in Cubase LE?

Thank you in advanceā€¦

Hi and welcome,

You would need to copy the data from one track and paste it to the other track. If you show both MIDI Parts at once, you can select the MIDI Data you want to move, copy it. Then switch the Currently Edited Layer to the other MIDI Part and Paste at Origin (to make sure it will not be pasted to the Cursor position, but to the original bars+beats position).

The process is the same in all Cubase editions.

Thank you Martin,

So, for reassigning a channel of the selected event(s) within a track we simply change the channel number in the description field.
For reassigning a track number, we copy the event(s) to a clipboard, assign another track as Currently Edited Part, and paste the clipboard using Edit->Functions->Paste at Origin command.
I succeed doing so!

Thanks again,