Key Editor: add ability to set the Event Color based on a user defined range

One thing I find super useful in the Key Editor is the ability to color Notes based on various criteria.


I’d like to see an additional Coloring Option to base the Color on a user definable Note range. Any Note within the range is one Color and outside the range a different Color.

Extra points for multiple ranges.

Double extra points if multiple ranges can overlap like in vocal writing (stacked colors on notes in multiple ranges? Damn it Kirk I’m a musician not a GUI designer).

Double extra points with chocolate topping if it can talk to Komplete Kontrol so the keyboard shows the colors.

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Ive not checked as away from studio but you can probably do this using the midi logical editor. You can certainly select notes by pitch, range octave etc but not sure if you can then colorise them - it may need a macro/key command sequence as well.

No, there is no way to set the color of a MIDI Note or other MIDI Events in the Key Editor. The notes are always colored based on the selection in the Event Color menu (Velocity, Pitch, Channel etc.). The Events have no intrinsic color themselves.