Key editor always opens showing very highest notes first?

Hi all,

When I open the Key Editor in Artist 6.0.6 32bit, the window opens by default showing the very highest pitch notes from G8 downwards. As I very rarely use notes this high, it means I have to scroll down the page every time I open this editor to see the notes I’ve actually used. A minor thing, I’m sure you’ll agree, but as I use this page a lot, I thought I’d ask in here - Is this a bug, or is there a way to set the Key Editor to open showing a more mid-range of notes by default?


Good point, it should open somewhere in the middle or where it was last left on exit of the editor.

+1 !


Or, could open up centred around the notes in the horizontally visible part of the part.


I’m not sure what the problem is here, as when I open the key editor it always opens centralised (around F3),

I tried this in Cubase Artists (6.5) and Cubase 6.07 / 6.5, (Windows 7 64-bit)

So I am not seeing this problem, and I cannot see any preferences to alter it.

That would be the best situation.

Always opens with the note range hidden when controller lanes are active.

It should at least remember the last scroll position. So much Cubase could learn from ProTools, even for composing and music production.

I’ve not used ProTools and probably never will but it would not be something that would make me change.

All I am hoping is that small details like this are taken into account in order to make the program more usable.

I have used PT for a while - it has some advantages, but Cubase 6.5 finally addressed some basic workflow problems that sent me to PT, so I’m giving it another shot.

I too hope Steinberg will address some of these basic functionality issues - it’s little things that make a long day more creative and less stressful.

The key editor works well for the most part - have it recall zoom/scroll for that split window would be a nice improvement and save me a lot of scrolling during the day (i.e. allow it to center midi data even if the lower half of the KE is take up by controller lanes).

Try deleting (or temporarily moving) defaults.xml with Cubase closed, then relaunch Cubase. Does that help?

Or make a template with the editor set the way you like it!

Actually what is mostly happening is the controller lanes are not opening, even if they were open on close.

This to me is an even bigger problem than where the key editor opens in terms of vertical scroll.