Key Editor - Color based on expression map range

When creating expression maps you can select the range in which the instrument is able to produce sound (so as to prevent “playing” a keyswitch).
It would be really nice if the editors (piano roll etc) would allow different coloring based on whether the note is within playable range, based on the current articulation, e.g. red for outside of range and green for inside range.

A generalized range coloring scheme (not exclusively based on Expression Maps) would be useful in a bunch of situations, especially SATB harmony.

Is this not what you mean?

No, its almost the opposite. If I take that Soprano note you’ve selected and move it up by 3 octaves it will still be the color blue even though it is well out of range for a singer. Let’s say the desired range for the Soprano is C3-A4. Then all the notes within that range should be one color, but if the note is moved to B2 and below or A#4 and higher the color should change.

As I read it the OP wants this same capability with the ability to have the “good range” specified in an Expression Map. I’m good with that idea but a bit so-so on implementing it as an add-on to the current Expression Maps which seem ripe for a total ground-up reworking that could include this along with a bunch of other suggestions that folks have put out.

Like the Score Editor has?

Why not create LE presets to do this on the fly? It seems trivial.

What are LE presets?

EDIT: Problem is that the range may change depending on the articulation. For example playing two strings on a string instrument simultaneously gives you a smaller range of playable notes. Same for say a power chord articulation

Logical Editor presets :wink: