Key Editor curve type always switching to "Step Mode"

In the Key Editor, the curve type for expression, modulation, etc. is always switching to Step Mode rather than keeping Ramp/Curve as default.

It’s the same when I try to draw a new point : it sometimes draw that point as a Step Mode Point.

Hi and welcome in the forum,

The ramp mode had been implemented for the Key Editor only. It had not been implemented for the Note Expression Editor.

Hi Martin !
I meant Key Editor, sorry…


What do you mean by Expression Modulation, please?

I mean the different lanes in the Key Editor where we can write for example modulation or expression in a instrument track container. Here I have a bug with the points that change from ramp/curve to step when I move it. It also happends when I try to edit a curve that already exist with the cursor (transormed to draw tool when entering the area).

Have you set the linear curve shape in this menu?

Yes, it is. It works perfectly in the past, that make me think it may be a bug ?


Could you write step by step description, how to come to the bug, please?

  1. Create a new instrument track
  2. Open a MIDI event in the key editor
  3. Draw curves for a CC (modulation for example). I mostly use the line tool for that
  4. Try to edit the curves moving some points or draw new points using the default cursor transformed to pen

Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes the new point or the edited point makes jump.


Could you be more precise, please? We don’t know, when did you switch to the curve mode.

I don’t switch to the curve mode. The curve mode as been selected as default in the lane preferences dropdown menu (Type of new controller events : ramp)
Once that is correctly set and doesn’t change, all the points new points should be in ramp/curve mode right ?

When the bug happens, the new point or the edited point is no longer in ramp/curve but in step mode. Then I have to change this point to curve mode to fix that. It seems that sometimes Cubase change the default mode set in the lane preference menu to the other mode.